Professional machining manufacturers process automatic equipment parts

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Dongguan Ruijin Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in July 2017, located in Dongguan, China, the manufacturing capital. We are a factory specializing in the processing and customization of high-precision non-standard mechanical parts. We have a professional production workshop, including 12 sets of three-axis CNC, 2 sets of 4-axis CNC lathe, 4 sets of milling machine, 9 sets of grinding machine, 1 set of general lathe and 2 sets of milling machine At the same time, we are equipped with high-end CMM, quadratic and other inspection equipment and professionals to produce various high-precision automatic mechanical parts and various non-standard mechanical parts. With rich professional experience and scientific and technological strength, we are constantly innovating, striving for perfection from product order to part production to delivery, and providing users with excellent performance products. And with excellent reputation and high-quality service by new and old customers, let your products, to us, peace of mind, rest assured, worry free!

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